Max-Wolfgang Weber Max-Wolfgang Weber
...a poetic realist

Karl-Witthalm-Str. 6
D - 81375 Munich
+49 89 220214

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1939 born in Dresden, Germany
1953-56 Private painting and drawing instruction from Gerhard David, Dresden, Germany
1956-57 Study at the Institute for Drawing and Illustration, Leipzig, Prof. W. Mattheuer
1957-59 Study at the Academy for Painting and Sculpture, Munich, Germany, Prof. Xaver Fuhr
1962 - 63 Academy for The Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, Prof. Franz Elsner
Since 1960 Artist in Munich, Germany
Exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France and Canada.
Paintings of M.-W. Weber are owned private collectors, firms and by public institutions, for example the Bavarian State Art Collection.

About the Artist

"Max-Wolfgang Weber is an artist who formed his style after studying art history intensively. While creating some of his paintings he looks as far back as the Baroque times.

His landscapes make impressionism come to life - often with expressionistic elements. Other paintings were inspired by surrealism combined with remarkable originality.

During the present time when many young artists plunder the styles of the past a true traditionalist like Max-Wolfgang Weber has a special attraction." Dr. H.-J. Sauermost, Art Historian, 1993

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